On October 25, 2023, the City Bar Justice Center commemorated the tremendous support of eleven volunteers, who were awarded with a 2023 Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award, for their remarkable commitment to our clients and for championing our team’s mission to advance access to justice. Congratulations!

Legal Clinic for the Homeless: Eric B. Lewin, Counsel at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY

The Legal Clinic for the Homeless provides advice, advocacy, and representation to residents of homeless shelters on a variety of matters related to public benefits, shelter placement, and other issues.      

Eric Lewin, counsel at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, understands that listening to his clients, understanding their circumstances, and exhibiting empathy and compassion are the attorney skills that clients of the Legal Clinic of the Homeless desperately need.     

In one case, it was not enough to just secure more than $1,700 owed to his client and force the city welfare administration to reverse its decision to deny her Cash Assistance, SNAP, and Medicaid. Eric also wanted to make sure that his client and her thirteen-year-old child achieved more than just a measure of economic stability.  He knew that an apartment of their own meant lasting stability for the family that had experienced homelessness for endless months. Therefore, Eric continued to advocate for this family with shelter staff and others until the family finally secured a rent voucher enabling them to exit shelter.        

In another case, Eric went to bat for a client to obtain just $60 that was wrongfully recouped from her Cash Assistance case. He spent hours preparing for her fair hearing. Eric understands that fighting for $60 for a client who desperately needs her safety net is just as important as fighting for thousands of dollars. This is the kind of dogged persistence and follow-through Eric has exhibited on behalf of all of his clients since he first began volunteering with the Legal Clinic for the Homeless just over a year ago.     

For his advocacy, persistence, empathy, and tremendous good-will, we are honored to present Eric with a 2023 Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award.