Cancer Advocacy Project

Cancer Advocacy Project

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When faced with a cancer diagnosis, many individuals find themselves tackling not only emotional and physical distress, but also the soaring price of basic medical care and the daunting maze of the U.S. health care system. Navigating employment situations can also be problematic. Preparing for the future often becomes a priority and documenting wishes in writing can bring peace of mind, such as naming someone of their choice to, if necessary, make critical health-related decisions or handle financial matters on their behalf; in addition, a Will provides guidance for their families and is particularly important if minor children are involved.

For New Yorkers who may already be facing systemic socioeconomic barriers or with limited English proficiency, the situation can feel overwhelming. The City Bar Justice Center’s Cancer Advocacy Project  was established to address this need. We assist individuals affected by cancer (patients, survivors and caregivers) of limited economic means and who reside in New York City, as well as groups and organizations providing services to those affected by cancer, in three main areas:

  1. Drafting no-cost life-planning documents (wills, healthcare proxies, living wills and powers of attorney) for cancer patients and survivors,
  2. Challenging unjust coverage decisions by private health insurance companies; and
  3. Providing advice on cancer-related discrimination in the workplace.

In addition, we provide clients with access to important legal rights information through community presentations (currently remotely) and educational resources for support groups, medical and social work staff and community organizations on issues related to life-planning choices, workplace rights, health insurance problems, and options for dealing with medical debt.

Need Assistance?

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Once you submit the form, we will follow-up by phone or email within 3 business days to request additional information, if necessary; confirm eligibility for assistance and provide you with information about next steps; and confirm the logistics required for remote assistance.

Vivienne Duncan directs the Cancer Advocacy Project and Yenissell Sanchez is the project coordinator.

Not sure if this is the right project? Contact our free Legal Hotline at 212-626-7383.



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A Beginner’s Guide to Cancer and Housing Discrimination (For Renters)

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Financial and Employment

A Beginner’s Guide to Cancer and Workplace Discrimination

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Financial and Medical Resources Guide for Cancer Patients and Survivors (English) (Spanish)

This user-friendly guide identifies potential sources of financial and medical assistance, including foundations, charities, cancer-related organizations and pharmaceutical companies that provide free or subsidized medications.

Estates and Life Planning

A Beginner’s Guide to Estate Planning: Wills and Advance Directives (English) (Spanish)

A Guide to Funeral and Burial Options in New York (English) (Spanish)

A Guide to Wills for Cancer Patients (English) (Spanish)

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Video: Estate Planning for Cancer Patients: Wills & Advance Directives. Part One: Wills

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Video: Cancer and Workplace Discrimination: What You Should Know (Part 1 of 2)

Video: Cancer and Workplace Discrimination: What You Should Know (Part 2 of 2)


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