• What does the City Bar Justice Center do?

    The City Bar Justice Center (CBJC) delivers free legal services to New Yorkers in need through pro bono attorneys, expert staff, and a free civil legal hotline. View the Our Story page to learn about who we are and see Our Impact to see how our work makes a difference for our clients and the larger New York City community.

  • I can't afford a lawyer and need legal assistance.

    Call our Legal Hotline: 212-626-7383

    Hours of Operation: 9:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday.

    You can also visit the LawHelp website to find a free lawyer in your neighborhood and access free legal advice.  

  • What if I can afford to pay something for a lawyer?

    Call the Legal Referral Service at 212-626-7373 or 212-626-7374 en Español

    Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

    The Legal Referral Service can help you find a lawyer who practices in the legal area you need for a price you can afford to pay.

  • Can I intern at CBJC?

    If you are a college or law school student, please view our Careers page for current listings.

  • What jobs are currently available at CBJC?

    Please view our Careers page.

  • How long has CBJC been in operation?

    CBJC developed out of the Robert B. McKay Community Outreach Law Program (COLP) and the Self-help Information and Education Hotline (SHIELD) programs of the City Bar Fund, the 501(c)(3) affiliate of the New York City Bar Association, in 2005.

  • How can I make a donation to CBJC or one of its projects?

    You can donate online using our Donate page. See more ways to give on our Support Us page. For specific questions, please contact Cesar Ruiz at 212.382.6682 or cruiz@nycbar.org.

  • How do I get involved with a pro bono project?

    If you are an individual looking to volunteer with CBJC, please submit your information to the volunteer sign-up form on our Do Pro Bono | Individuals page.

    Representatives from law firms and corporate legal departments that are interested in volunteering should contact Cassandra Celestin, Director of Pro Bono Initiatives, at 212-382-4713 or ccelestin@nycbar.org. To learn more, please view our Do Pro Bono | Law Firms & Corporations page.

  • How much CLE credit may I earn for volunteering?

    Attorneys may earn one (1) CLE credit for every two (2) 60-minute hours (120 minutes) of eligible pro bono legal service. A maximum of ten (10) pro bono CLE credit hours may be earned during any one reporting cycle. (A reporting cycle is the two-year cycle governed by the attorney’s biennial attorney registration period.)

    The CLE credit will be in the area of “skills” as defined by 22 NYCRR 1500.2. Attorneys may use these “skills” credits in their current reporting cycle or may use these credits as carry-over credits into the next biennial reporting cycle. The maximum number of carry-over credits, regardless of source, is six (6).

    Newly admitted attorneys may earn CLE credit for pro bono work “solely for the purpose of carrying over pro bono CLE credit to the following biennial reporting cycle in partial fulfillment of the requirements for experienced attorneys.” A maximum of six (6) CLE credits, including pro bono CLE credit, may be carried over to the following biennial reporting year. Newly admitted attorneys may not apply pro bono CLE credit to meet their minimum CLE requirements as set forth in 22 NYCRR 1500.12(a).

  • How do I receive CLE credit for my pro bono activities with the City Bar Justice Center?

    Attorneys who perform eligible pro bono activities sponsored by CBJC must:

    1. Keep time records of their participation and retain those time records for a period of four (4) years.
    2. Complete the Affirmation of Pro Bono Services provided by CBJC, describing the services provided and stating the number of hours of pro bono legal service performed. The affirmation must be submitted to CBJC.


    Once we receive your affirmation form, we will provide you with a Letter of Participation. The Letter will include the date(s) of your assignment, the name of the pro bono CLE program, your name, the number of hours of pro bono service you provided and the number of pro bono CLE credit hours earned. The Letter of Participation is your proof that you have earned the CLE pro bono credits and you should keep it with the time records of your participation for the requisite period of four (4) years.

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