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Justice Center Hosts Its Third Deferred Action Clinic

by CBJC Staff October 10, 2012

Last week the City Bar Justice Center hosted its third clinic for young people applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which if granted would make them eligible for work authorization.

So far, the Justice Center has assisted 108 people and trained 200 attorneys to help with completing the DACA application. Over 120 of the trained attorneys have volunteered their services at the three clinics.

Harry Shulman
Attorney Harry Shulman helps a clinic attendee with her application

At last week’s clinic, 39 attorneys, including 11 immigration experts, screened and assisted 47 attendees.

The volunteers have assisted applicants from an array of backgrounds. The common thread among the applicants has been hard work and a desire to work legally in order to save money and obtain a goal, whether it is a better job or furthering their education.

A couple of attendees were representative of the rest. Ms. R. entered the US on a visa when she was eleven, was active in many sports and several clubs in high school, and graduated with above-average grades. Since then she has worked and filed federal income taxes, and is seeking to obtain an employment authorization document so she can continue to advance her career.

Mr. N. entered the U.S. without inspection when he was two. He graduated high school and has been working ever since to help his parents support his three younger siblings. Mr. N would like to receive an employment authorization document to continue supporting his family and to save money for college or other educational opportunities in the future.

These pro bono clinics are made possible by the Justice Center’s Fragomen Fellow and funding from the New York Community Trust and former City Bar President Robert M. Kaufman.

The next clinic will take place at the Justice Center on November 1st from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

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