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Recent New York State and Federal Debt Collection Regulations Increase Consumer Protections

by Ramona Morel, Esq. July 6, 2022

Ramona Morel is the director of the Consumer Bankruptcy Project.

Individuals burdened with consumer debt have long grappled with abusive debt collection practices. Many have faced lawsuits on debts that were too old to be sued on, or dealt with defendant creditors without proof that debt was owed. In other instances, individuals have had default judgments issued against them because of lack of notice from the creditors, resulting in wage garnishments and bank account restraints. These debt collection abuses are now being curbed for New Yorkers thanks to recent State and Federal regulations aimed at strengthening consumer protections in consumer debt collection proceedings.

The information sheets listed below will provide you with a general overview of essential consumer protections. Click on the resources below to learn more:

Know Your Rights: New York State Debt Collection Protections

Know Your Rights: Federal Debt Collection Protections

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