NELP Client Spotlight

Youma’s Beauty

Husband and wife team, Moussa and Youma Niangadou, are the founders of Youma’s Beauty, an online beauty store devoted to empowering women with curly hair textures through quality hair products.  

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Coqui the Chef: How a Puerto-Rican Entrepreneur Learned to Adapt and Thrive During the Pandemic

Small business owners face an array of endless challenges ranging from money management to customer retention – issues that have heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tania Lopez, a NYC-based microentrepreneur, is no stranger to the difficulties of operating a small business.

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EAT SOCCER: Soccer Education & Inspiration for All

As many of NELP’s success stories come to show, the spirit of micro-entrepreneurship is largely driven by the ability to build relationships between both like-minded and diverse people. For Qiana Martin, founder and owner of EAT SOCCER, fostering a community of passionate individuals has always been the name of the game. Her soccer lifestyle company … Continue reading EAT SOCCER: Soccer Education & Inspiration for All

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Kidspire: Building Connections for Young Minds

With over ten years of professional experience in architecture and design, Karen Domingo-Moran knows the value of art and creative expression. So, when her kids’ Queens elementary school – like so many other underfunded public schools – didn’t have the budget for art extracurriculars, Karen was determined to do something about it. Drawing on her … Continue reading Kidspire: Building Connections for Young Minds

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Mansi: The New Citrus Experience

Charles Medenilla took inspiration from his Filipino roots to formulate what he considered to be the perfect blend of fresh calamansi juice: organic, refreshing, and all natural.

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MicroHealth, Inc.

Entrepreneur Marc Lara’s business, MicroHealth, spans both the technology and healthcare industries as a platform that connects patients with their healthcare providers, allowing providers to monitor treatment progress using digital tools such as smart phone applications.

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