NELP Client Spotlight

Coqui the Chef: How a Puerto-Rican Entrepreneur Learned to Adapt and Thrive During the Pandemic

Small business owners face an array of endless challenges ranging from money management to customer retention – issues that have heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tania Lopez, a NYC-based microentrepreneur, is no stranger to the difficulties of operating a small business.

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EAT SOCCER: Soccer Education & Inspiration for All

As many of NELP’s success stories come to show, the spirit of micro-entrepreneurship is largely driven by the ability to build relationships between both like-minded and diverse people. For Qiana Martin, founder and owner of EAT SOCCER, fostering a community of passionate individuals has always been the name of the game. Her soccer lifestyle company … Continue reading EAT SOCCER: Soccer Education & Inspiration for All

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Kidspire: Building Connections for Young Minds

With over ten years of professional experience in architecture and design, Karen Domingo-Moran knows the value of art and creative expression. So, when her kids’ Queens elementary school – like so many other underfunded public schools – didn’t have the budget for art extracurriculars, Karen was determined to do something about it. Drawing on her … Continue reading Kidspire: Building Connections for Young Minds

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Mansi: The New Citrus Experience

Charles Medenilla took inspiration from his Filipino roots to formulate what he considered to be the perfect blend of fresh calamansi juice: organic, refreshing, and all natural.

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MicroHealth, Inc.

Entrepreneur Marc Lara’s business, MicroHealth, spans both the technology and healthcare industries as a platform that connects patients with their healthcare providers, allowing providers to monitor treatment progress using digital tools such as smart phone applications.

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Bombazo Dance Company & Bombazo Wear by Milteri ®

Milteri Tucker Concepcion approached NELP for legal assistance filing a trademark for her business, BOMBAZO. Born in Puerto Rico, Milteri moved to the Bronx after high school to pursue her passion for dance.

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