Student Loan Initiative

Manage your student loans! The Student Loan Initiative is led by the City Bar Justice Center’s Consumer Bankruptcy Project.



Who We Are 

The Justice Center’s Consumer Bankruptcy Project (CBP) provides bankruptcy assistance to New York City residents burdened with credit card, medical, and other consumer debt. While its primary function is to provide bankruptcy assistance, the project has increased its capacity to address the growing student loan debt problem.

How We Can Help 

In partnership with the Community Service Society’s Education Debt Consumer Assistance Program, the project assists borrowers with federal and private student loans through two main forms of advocacy:

  • Individual Counseling:  CBP advises student loan borrowers on repayment and forgiveness options, identifies bankruptcy clients with student loans who might be eligible for bankruptcy discharge, a complicated process to achieve, and places these matters with law firms for pro bono representation. This advocacy is also crucial because bankruptcy discharge is often the only option for those with private student loans, which do not have forgiveness programs. 
  • Community Education: CBP offers a series of free webinars and short guides, both in English and Spanish, which provide relief options and tips for managing the loans, with many of the webinars tailored specifically for Veterans, borrowers with Parent Plus loans, and individuals working in public service.  

CBP will continue to provide students with the information and resources they need to manage their debt effectively, empower student loan borrowers to take control of their finances, make informed decisions about their loan repayment options and, where possible, utilize bankruptcy as a form of relief.



The City Bar Justice Center is part of the EDCAP Network