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Veterans Assistance Project ABA Video

Watch the Veterans Assistance Project in the ABA’s 2017 Annual Meeting Video

by CBJC Staff October 11, 2017

At the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in August 2017, veterans legal services organizations from across the country were showcased on a video wall, projected in a high-volume area. The Veterans Legal Services Recognition presentation includes brief yet compelling clips from over fifteen pro bono legal services providers for veterans. In CBJC’s Veterans Assistance Project’s (VAP) spotlight, Project Director Kent Eiler provides an overview of VAP’s pro bono model and presents the story of a Vietnam War veteran who received life-changing assistance through VAP’s pro bono attorneys. Watch VAP’s clip at 15:04 in the full video on the ABA website.

To learn more about the Veterans Assistance Project, visit this page. Here, you’ll find VAP’s Veterans Legal Resource Guide and the Veterans Legal Series, a YouTube series that provides easy-to-understand overviews on law topics that are important to veterans navigating through the complex world of VA benefits. Watch the Veterans Legal Series here.

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