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Ministry of Justice at CBJC

Legal Aid in China and the USA

by CBJC Staff September 18, 2017

On Thursday, September 14th, the City Bar Justice Center welcomed visitors from the Chinese Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the branch of the Chinese government that oversees legal affairs and works to improve China’s justice system.  The visitors are part of a national legal aid system, which has been involved in the development and expansion of legal aid for poor and low-income individuals and families since 1994. Thursday’s visit was part of MOJ’s stateside tour to meet with legal aid providers to learn about free legal assistance and pro bono work in New York.

The presiding visitor was Deputy Director-General Niu Wenzhong from the Department of Legal Aid of the Ministry of Justice in Beijing, China. Presenters from CBJC included Executive Director Lynn Kelly, Legal Hotline Staff Attorney May Wong, Consumer Bankruptcy Project Director Ramona Morel, and Immigrant Justice Project Co-Directors Jennifer Kim and Suzanne Tomatore.

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