On October 26, 2020, the City Bar Justice Center commemorated the tremendous response of ten volunteer attorneys who rose to meet the challenges of 2020, awarding each of them with a 2020 Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award. Our honorees demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting disadvantaged New Yorkers, particularly in times of crisis. Congratulations!

Legal Clinic for the Homeless: Adam Lapayover, Managing Counsel at BNY Mellon

The Legal Clinic for the Homeless (LCH) provides advice, advocacy, and representation to residents of homeless shelters on a variety of matters related to public benefits.

Empathy has the power to improve lives. It is about being aware of the feelings and experiences of others. Empathy is a vital skill for lawyers. A lawyer who is empathetic develops a strong rapport with their clients which enables them to better serve them.

Adam Lapayover, Managing Counsel at BNY Mellon, is a deeply empathetic pro bono volunteer. Since 2017, Mr. Lapayover has represented homeless shelter families in 23 matters. In one case, Mr. Lapayover compelled the City and State to accommodate two visually impaired homeless sisters by ensuring that only large print notices were sent to them concerning their public benefits. In another matter, he secured over $2,300 in retroactive Social Security benefits owed to a disabled child who was without a home.

These are but a few examples of how Mr. Lapayover is committed to his clients. It’s also because he establishes such trusting and caring relationships with his clients that they continuously seek his counsel. This is important for our clients in homeless shelters who continue to face challenges after they leave their shelter.

For his advocacy, empathy and tremendous good will, we are honored to present Mr. Lapayover with a 2020 Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award!