On October 26, 2021, the City Bar Justice Center commemorated the tremendous support of eleven volunteers, who were awarded with a 2021 Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award, for their remarkable commitment to our clients and for championing our team’s mission to advance access to justice. Congratulations!

Homeowner Stability Project: Jean L. Chou, Principal at JLC & Associates

The Homeowner Stability Project (HSP) provides legal assistance to New York City homeowners threatened with the loss of their home.

Jean L. Chou, Principal at JLC & Associates, first came to the City Bar Justice Center in January 2020 to volunteer her boutique real estate law firm to engage in pro bono service. Although her practice is a natural fit for the Homeowner Stability Project, it is not every day that we find such a strong commitment and interest in pro bono work from a small firm, especially in the real property transactional realm.

During her time volunteering with HSP, Jean and her associates have taken on four HSP matters – all involving the sale or transfer of a home for a distressed client and all but one involving a home threatened by foreclosure and other loss. One case involved a senior, unable to keep up with his condo and mortgage payments due to loss of work, in which Jean and her associates assisted the client in selling his unit to pay off his mounting debt and relocate to affordable housing to be closer to relatives. In another case, Jean and her firm assisted a client who inherited a majority interest in the family home that he lived in while taking care of two dying family members by rounding up the other heirs and finalizing a sale of the home so the client could use the proceeds to restart his career and life. Jean also assisted in the transferring of a coop apartment from joint ownership to sole for a client who suffered a debilitating stroke, which enabled him to qualify for valuable property tax benefits. Most recently, Jean assisted a family in getting the mortgage of their family home up to date, and transferring title to the family member that actually occupied the home.

Each of the matters Jean worked on had very unique and compelling set of factors, and it is the expertise and care of Jean and her colleagues that have given our clients the peace of mind that stable housing allows.

We greatly appreciate Jean’s commitment to serving the public interest by donating her expertise and time.