Herman Raspe

Herman Raspé, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

Herman Raspé, the Chair of Patterson Belknap’s Corporate Department, has been volunteering with CBJC’s Refugee Assistance Project since 2006. He first volunteered as a translator for a Patterson Belknap team representing a pastor from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Galvanized by that experience, Herman has gone on to represent successfully asylum seekers from Guinea and the DRC and is currently representing his fifth client, a blind activist from Guinea.

In addition to his legal advocacy, Herman works with all of his clients even after their asylum grants to obtain their green cards and petition for their immediate family members. He also does his utmost to support his clients in other ways, whether it’s to help a former client apply to college or work with them to obtain an iPhone with a Braille display. His asylum advocacy and work serves as a wonderful example for attorneys at Patterson, and has inspired other partners and associates to become involved in asylum representations.