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Financial Literacy for Veterans: Starting the New Year on a Financial Fresh Start

by Ramona Morel, Esq. December 23, 2020

The New Year provides an opportunity to start fresh and look forward to a bright financial future. One resolution to undertake this coming year is financial literacy. Financial literacy is the ability to understand money management tools in order to make sound financial decisions. Studies have shown that veterans are more likely to end up homeless due to poor financial skills, lack of financial education and money mismanagement. That is why financial literacy for veterans is essential so that they can manage and grow their money.

The City Bar Justice Center’s Veteran’s Financial Literacy Initiative, with generous grants from the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation and Sterling National Bank, has put together a financial literacy packet that will help veterans on their way to making wiser financial choices and build a stable financial future. The tools and tips in the financial literacy packet will help veterans set financial goals, learn to allocate money towards savings, create ways to avoid or manage debt, and access a list of additional financial education resources unique to veterans. Click here to view our financial literacy resources.

Ramona Morel, Esq. is the Director of the Consumer Bankruptcy Project. 

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